Vægttab interviews (English).

Who am I? - My name is Annika I am 38 years old, and my job is to work with less fortunate people in Copenhagen as a support person. I also write on my own blog to motivate people and you can follow it here and like my Facebook page here
 When did You First Start Working Out For many years I avoided anything with the words Fitness and Center in the same sentence. Due to my size I was terrified for being judged being the 'big girl' I was so embarrassed and felt like an elephant in a porcelain shop for me the word 'exercise' was a town in Russia. At that time I decided to change my life. I have been overweight on/off for about 16 years and over the years I've lost over hundreds of kilos I never really had my heart in it though and that is the main reason that I gained the weight back on again. But not this time I will never be 117 kg Annika again!
What do you eat in a typical day? The picture is a pretty good display of what I eat.
Breakfast: Skyr (milk product like Greek yogurt) with raspberries and almonds
Lunch: Chopped cabbage with cheddar cheese, dill, lemon, mustard, salt/pepper and chicken 
Dinner: Oven roasted chicken with salad and homemade fries. 
snack: an orange or a bag of vegetable sticks, cherry tomato or sliced squash

 How often do you train + which kind are your favorite and why? I workout about 3-4 times a week. I combine interval, cardio exercises and strength training for the best results. What I love the most are to combine Interval and strength training due to its high intensity and the fact that I can both feel and see changes in my body. The thing about Interval training is that it boost the metabolism hours after working out and gives you the feeling of joy and happiness!

What are your goals training-wise? My goal is to complete the Copenhagen marathon but also to reach the greatest shape of my life, tighten up loose skin and get a more firm body. I will work my butt of to get a healthier body and mind - these two go hand in hand! Goal atm is 68 kg or whatever the mirror tells me :-)

Any tips for others wanting to live healthy? If you are sitting and thinking that you wish you where able to loose weight and live a healthier life you CAN. It is all in your head! constantly telling yourself that you can't do it won't make it any easier start by telling yourself ''I Can, I will''. The best tip I can share is my view on the whole healthy living thing - Living a healthy life is not only about eating healthy and exercise regularly it is also about thinking healthy, having the right mindset and the motivation to succeed.  

Anything you would like to add?.... Lifting heavy weights do not make you into a bodybuilder!! I feel so grateful that I've learned that because it really is one of the best ways to loose weight and keep it of! 

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